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Our range of Exercise Bench and racks allow comfortable exercising with complete range of motions. Our fitness and exercising Fitness Equipment possess high degree of craftsmanship and durability which is a unique feature of line of benches and racks from SAI Works.

Power Cage Olympic Bench Press Plate Rack

You won’t be replacing Sai Works equipment any time soon. Range of Benches and Racks designed for a wide variety of exerciser. We made all Gym Equipment adjustable for different bodies. It has frame seats, sound absorbing cushions and rubber feet for prevent slipping, protect the gym floor and base of the structure.

  • Adjustable bar stops provide added safety and allow specialized training
  • Fabricated for maximum comfort and ease of use
  • Safety caches
  • Rubber-moulded bumpers and end caps
  • Durable power coat finish


Exercise Benches
Olympic Flat Bench
Olympic Incline Bench
Olympic Decline Bench
Dip, Abdominal & Chining Unit
Abdominal Bench
Abdominal Bench with Ladder
Preacher Bench
Hyper Extension
Plain Bench
Dual Exercise Benches
Olympic Flat - Incline Bench
Olympic Flat - Decline Bench
Olympic 3 Way Bench
Adjustable Bench - F.I.D.
Squat Rack
Power Cage
Dumbbells Rack
Vertical Plate Tree
Plate Tree
Olympic Bar Rack

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