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Each piece of SAI Works selectorized Fitness Equipment is designed to match the body’s motion for an unrivalled smooth feel, and offers several exclusive features for enhanced comfort, easy-of-use, safety and appeal. A unique profile and contemporary frame design creates a distinctively “fresh” look for your facility, while the following mechanical features are added in Gym Equipments to optimal experience for users.

Lat Pulldown Chest Press Shoulder Press Rowing

Design: Our unique design not only looks good, it maximizes results the user achieves from all exercises.

Powder Coating: Our high-quality powder coating yields a premium finish that’s incredibly durable.

Seat: The seat on every one of our machines are engineered to provide maximum comfort and to help ensure proper form.

Cam: Cam curves help make our machines safer. What’s more, they give them a more compact look.

Selector Pin: The selector pin is designed with safety in mind.

Grips: All handgrips are designed to be both comfortable and to convey a sense of control.

Adjustment: Each and every adjustment is designed to be not only easy-to-reach, but easy-to-use.

Our range of selectorized machines is a complete solution to all exercising needs.
Available with 100mm x 50mm CRC tube and weight stack is covered both side with attractive PVC sheet. Seats and Rollers are covered with high quality rexin, additional cover is provided at hard rest area with same rexin. All pulleys are of Nylon material, V grooved with self lubricated double Z bearings. 6mm PVC coated, high tension, high resistance wire rope used for durability & safety. M. S. Powder coated weight plates fitted with long lasting durable nylon bushing, Weight stack are held by solid rubber ball. All machines are available with safety locks; these provide a full control over the speed.

Single Station

Lat Pull Down

Lat Pulley
Seated Rowing
Pec Deck
Chest Press
Shoulder Press
Wrist Curling
Leg Curling
Leg Extension
Standing Calf
Glute Machine
Lateral Raise
Multi Hip
Abdominal Crunch
Functional Cable Crossover
Cable Cross Over
Dual Station
Lat - Rowing
Pec Fly - Rear Deltoids
Multi Press
Assisted Dip - Chin
Bicep Curl - Tricep Machine
High - Low Pulley
Abdominal - Back Extension
Leg Curl - Extension
Seated Leg Curl - Extension
Adductor - Abductor

Know Your Fitness Equipment:

A Selectorized Machine also called a stack machine, has a bunch of rectangular weight plates that are pierced by a vertical rod (Selector Bar) which has holes to accept a pin (Selector Pin). Each of the weight plate has a hole through the middle that aligns with the hole of the selector bar. When the selector pin is inserted through the plate hole, all of the above plate rest upon it, when the bar raises the plate above selector pin rises and below do not rise. This allows the machine to provide several levels of resistance over the same range of motion. Each plate is marked with a number the actual weight of the plate and those above it.

Machines weight stack plate is attached with the cable or belt, which working through pulleys or wheel. At the other end Handle or strap is attached with cable which can be hold by the exerciser.

Weight Machine:
Strength machine use gravity as the source of resistance and a simple biomechanical mechanism to convey that resistance, to the exerciser using this
Gym Equipment.

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