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We invest lots of revenue and time in the research and development of our fitness equipment. We constantly explore creative ways to improve the existing exercise machine and design new ones for comfort and safety. Our present position in the industry is the result of rigorous research carried out by us.

How we design exercise machine?

Every machine is checked properly to avoid injuries & hazardous effect on human body. Before production of fitness machine, due guidance and advice is taken from Gym experts, Coach, Doctors and Physiotherapists to reach at most accuracy.

After doing a lot of biomechanics analysis and surveys like by putting a lot of exerciser on machines. We collect the data, which help us to know correct body position, movements and range of motion needed to exercisers of varying size.

From biomechanics analysis we generated data on the following parameters:

• How exercisers move and interact with the machines
• How different exercisers use every function and every setting
• Which specific muscles are activated during each type of exercise?
• Motion
• Force
• Comments – What they Think?

That gets most of the information we need.
These analysis take many forms and many questions, it will eventually guide us rest of the Product Development process.

After investing lots of revenue, time and effort in biomechanics research we develop exercise machine around the user for comfort and safety. It feels natural as they moves throughout there daily life.

Fitness Equipment Biomechanical Features


The SAI Works research designs each machine by performing biomechanical studies

1) Correct posture on the machine.

2) Analysis of the correct trajectory of the exercise by means of human movement simulation.

3) A different CAMS on each machine to vary the resistance at different points along the range of motion so as to adapt the load physiologically to the variation in strength dictated by biomechanics.

Enclosed weight stack with plastic panels front and rear side not only looks good, it prevent bystanders from accidental contact with moving weight also maximizes results the user archives from all exercises.

Muscle Trained Chart
The top frame includes muscle trained chart mounted on panel for all station except for the Cable Crossover.

Smooth Silent Slide Systems
Hydraulic seat adjustment provide for smooth and easy seat adjustment. All movement and rotation systems are fitted with high quality ball bearings.

Easy Start
Where necessary, machines are fitted with a device that facilitates starting, allows increased range of movement, and enhance safety.


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