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SAI Works is the brand for plate loaded Fitness Equipment Manufacturer and offers most advanced strength training equipment to the fitness industries. Our range of plate loaded Gym Equipments is comfortable for your body and allows you to exercise with complete range of motion.

Smith Machine Leg PressBisolator

Our range of Plate Loaded Fitness Equipment is comfortable for user body and allows user to exercise with complete range of motion. Made in the international standards, the Plate Loaded Exercise Equipment is widely accepted in reputed gyms all over India.

Designed with the help of collaborated athletes, coaches and (CAD) Software ensure that all equipment simulates the most natural correct paths of motion. Iso-Leteral technology incorporates independent arm movement with converging and diverging arcs of movement. This results in more natural movement patterns, as well as greater training variety and more balanced results. We focus on training through biomechanical correct movement; it also offers a safe strength training experience. Combined with its ergonomically-designed hand grips, the result is diminished joint stress and a more efficient, satisfying workout.

User-Friendly, Space-Efficient Plate Loaded Equipment in the Industry

Designed to meet the needs of advanced users

Dual Axis Technology on machines lets exercisers define the path of motion and boost muscle involvement

Heavy-duty, fully welded frames

Sealed bearing pivots for maximum performance and minimal maintenance

Detailed muscle trained placards

These Professional Plate Loaded Fitness Equipment machines are compact in size and easy to use. The machines, plate loaded series, allow tightening and strengthening entire specific major muscles group. Premium quality material is used in the manufacturing of the Plate Loaded Fitness Equipment, which makes them durable to the highest extent. Besides a reliable manufacturer, we have placed us among the leading Plate Loaded Fitness Equipment Suppliers in India.

Single Station

Leg Press

Hack Squat

Smith Machine

Seated Calf

Incline Bench Press

Incline T - Bar

T - Bar Rowing

Bicep Curling


Shoulder Press
Dual Station
Bicep - Tricep Machine
Flat - Incline Bench Press
Flat - Decline Bench Press
Leg Press - Hack Squat
Abs Crunch - Back Extension
Leg Curl - Leg Extension

Selectorized Fitness Equipment

Selectorized Fitness Equipment Selectorized Fitness Equipment

Plate Loaded Fitness Equipment

Plate Loaded Gym Equipment Plate Loaded Gym Equipment

Bench & Racks

Bench & Racks Exercise Brnche and Racks

Home Gym

Multi Gym Multi Gym

Cardio Fitness Equipment

Cardio Fitness Equipment Cardio Fitness Equipment

Know Your Fitness Equipment:

A Plate Loaded Machine also called as free weight machine, these machine uses barbell plates instead of rectangular weight stack plates.

The plate loaded machines often have very high biomechanical advantages, in these machines the motion will generally not be a vertical it is moving relative to angled path.

Weight Machine:
Strength machine use gravity as the source of resistance and a simple biomechanical mechanism to convey that resistance, to the exerciser using this machine.

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