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Plate Loaded
Benches & Racks
Home Gym
Cardio Fitness
Fitness Accessories

Selectorized Fitness Equipment

Single Station

Lat Pull Down


Lateral Raise

Pec Deck

Chest Press

Shoulder Press

Wrist Curling

Leg Curling

Leg Extension

Standing Calf

Glute Machine

Multi Hip

Abdominal Crunch

Cable Cross Over

Functional Cross Over


Dual Station

Lat - Rowing

Pec Fly - Rear Deltoids

Multi Press

Assisted Dip - Chin

Bicep Curl - Tricep Machine

High - Low Pulley

Abdominal - Back Extension

Leg Curl - Extension

Adductor - Abductor

Plate Loaded Fitness Equipment

Single Station

Leg Press
Hack Squat
Smith Machine
Seated Calf
Incline Bench Press
Incline T - Bar
T - Bar Rowing
Bicep Curling
Shoulder Press

Dual Station

Bicep - Tricep Machine Flat - Incline Bench Press Flat - Decline Bench Press Flat - Decline Bench Press Abs Crunch - Back Extension
Leg Curl - Leg Extension        
Bench and Racks


Olympic Flat Bench
Olympic Incline Bench
Olympic Decline Bench
Dip, Abdominal & Chining Unit
Abdominal Bench
Abdominal Bench with Ladder
Preacher Bench
Hyper Extension
Plain Bench
Olympic Flat - Incline Bench
Olympic Flat - Decline Bench
Olympic 3 Way Bench
Adjustable Bench - F.I.D.


Squat Rack Power Cage Dumbbells Rack Vertical Plate Tree Plate Tree
Home Gym
Multi Gym Single Stack Gym Benches Treadmill Cycle
Cardio Fitness Equipment

Commercial Use

Treadmill 3HP Spinning Cycle Cross Trainer Stair Trainer  

Home Use

Treadmill 2.5HP Treadmill 2HP Treadmill 1.5HP Treadmill 1HP Exercise Cycle
Air Bike        
Spa Equipment
Steam Bath Sauna Bath Jacuzzi Whirlpool System    
Fitness Accessories
Revolving Dumbbells Rubberized Dumbbells Chrome Plated Dumbbells Weight Plates Rubberized Plates
Olympic Bar Standard Bar Weight Lifting Belt Exercise Ball Boxing Bag
Aerobics Dumbbells Aerobics Step Board Tricep Rope    
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Gym Equipment Blog

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