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Standard - 5 Ft.
Weight: 9 Kg
Length: 152 cm / 5'

Standard BARBELL - 6 Ft.
Weight: 12 Kg
Length: 183 cm / 6'

Standard BARBELL - 7Ft.
Weight: 14 Kg
Length: 213 cm / 7'

Know Your Fitness Equipment:

A barbell is a piece of metal rod used in weight training, weightlifting and powerlifting. It consists one or more sets of loose weight plate and collars. It ranges from 4 ft. to 7 Ft., diameter close to one inch. And is engraved with a crosshatch knurled to get a good grip for weightlifter, Desired weight plate are slid onto the outer portions of the Barbell (same weight plate both side) to obtain desired weight. These weights are locked with collars to prevent sliding off for safe exercise.
An Olympic barbell
Gym Equipment consists of a bar in which the revolving sleeves. This revolving sleeve enables the loose Fitness Equipment weight plate to spin on their own axis, which enable weightlifters to balance the bar with ease.

Standard barbell diameter can be 25mm all the way, typically weight 10Kg. in some country 30mm diameter Bar are also quite common.

Women’s Barbell
Women’s Olympic barbell is similar to the men’s barbell, but is shorter and lighter 33.07 Lbs. (15Kg.), while thinner grip diameter is 25mm.

0.5 Kg: White
1 Kg: Green
1.5 Kg: Yellow
2 Kg: Blue
2.5 Kg: Red
5 Kg: White
10 Kg: Green
15 Kg: Yellow
20 Kg: Blue

Standard barbell collar be of metal, and they can weight up to 2.5Kg for men and women. A barbell weight can be as much as 25Kg. for men and 20Kg. for women including collar.

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