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Leg Curl - Leg Extension

Leg Extension & Leg Curl

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Leg Press

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Seated Calf

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Bicep Curling


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Leg Curl - Leg Extension

• Height - 64” (162 cm)
• Width - 47” (120 cm)
• Length - 51” (130 cm)

Leg Extension:
• Quadriceps

Leg Curling :
• Hamstrings
• Gastrocnemius

Effective and efficient combining two popular leg exercises into one machine save space, time and money. Easy to adjust limiter makes the changes from Leg curl to Leg extension a fast & painless one.

• Range of motion limiter allows for control of both flexion and extension every 10 degrees.

• Adjustable back and roller pads. Axis alignment for proper bio-mechanical positioning.


Seated Leg Curl

Seated Leg Curl

Prone Leg Curl

Prone Leg Curl

Leg Curl & Leg Extension

Leg Curl & Leg Extension

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