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Abductor & Adductor

Abductor & Adductor

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Adductor - Abductor

• Height - 51” (130 cm)
• Width - 55” (140 cm)
• Length - 55” (140 cm)
• Wt. Stack – 150 Lbs. (68 Kg)

• Abductor Group

• Adductor Group

Abductor & Adductor (Inner Outer Thigh Machine)

Effective and efficient combining two exercise machine into one machine save space, time and money. Easy to adjust makes the changes from Lat machine to Rowing machine a fast & painless one.

Abductor: Trains outer hip muscles by applying resistance to outer part of the thighs.
Adductor: Trains inner thigh muscles by applying resistance to the inner thighs.
Works both legs simultaneously.
Quick and easy to adjusts for extension and curls to fit all users
Its bio-mechanically accurate pivotal point ensures ergonomically correct body positioning for natural and complete hamstring development
An elliptical adjustment keeps the user arc of movement smooth and provides variable resistance through a full range of motion.
The recumbent back pad adjusts to fit any size user and eliminates lower back strain
It also features pop-pin adjustable footpads to ensure proper alignment, which the adjustable thigh pads provide stabilization during exercise
Hold-down grips provides ultimate stability
With gracefully curved frame construction from sleek, powder-coated tubing that exhibits a modern, design-forward aesthetic.
The machine builds form into function and value into a superior modular strength training system


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