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cable Cross Over

Cable Cross Over

Single Station

Lat Pull Down

Lat Pulley
Seated Rowing
Pec Deck
Chest Press
Shoulder Press
Wrist Curling
Bicep Curl
Leg Curling
Leg Extension
Standing Calf
Glute Machine
Lateral Raise
Multi Hip
Abdominal Crunch
Functional Cable Crossover
Cable Cross Over
Dual Station
Lat - Rowing
Pec Fly - Rear Deltoids
Multi Press
Assisted Dip - Chin
Bicep Curl - Tricep Machine
High - Low Pulley
Abdominal - Back Extension
Leg Curl - Extension
Seated Leg Curl - Extension
Adductor - Abductor

• Height - 70” (178 cm)
• Width - 30” (76 cm)
• Length - 72” (183 cm)
• Wt. Stack – 300 Lbs. (136 Kg)

Muscle Trained:
• Multi-exercise multi pattern system for arms, shoulders, hips and back.

Cable Cross Over

Stand-alone Cable Crossover with adjustable Hi/Lo pulleys with 150Lbs.(68Kg) or optional 250Lbs.(113Kg) weight stack
Pulleys are fully adjustable to 20 different position settings
Dual adjustable height pulleys for the ultimate in effective exercise variations
Upper body compound exercises performed from ‘ground level’ position encouraging total body stabilisation and enhanced functional transfer
Pulley height positioning allows performance of effective, user defined, converging arc, upper body pressing exercises (including flat, incline, decline and overhead presses)
Adjustable angle and retractable ‘spine’ back rest allows ground based compound exercises to be performed with maximal loads
Images shown with the optional Chin-up Bar


Functional Cable Crossover

Functional Cable Crossover

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