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Weight Assisted Dip & Chin

Assisted Dip & Chin

Single Station

Lat Pull Down

Lat Pulley
Seated Rowing
Pec Deck
Chest Press
Shoulder Press
Wrist Curling
Bicep Curl
Leg Curling
Leg Extension
Standing Calf
Glute Machine
Lateral Raise
Multi Hip
Abdominal Crunch
Functional Cable Crossover
Cable Cross Over
Dual Station
Lat - Rowing
Pec Fly - Rear Deltoids
Multi Press
Assisted Dip - Chin
Bicep Curl - Tricep Machine
High - Low Pulley
Abdominal - Back Extension
Leg Curl - Extension
Seated Leg Curl - Extension
Adductor - Abductor

• Height - 96” (244 cm)
• Width - 46” (117 cm)
• Length - 54” (137 cm)
• Wt. Stack – 150 Lbs. (68 Kg)

• Latissimus Dorsi
• Rhomboids and Biceps

• Anterior Deltoids
• Pectoralis and Triceps

Assisted Dip & Chin

Dual operation assisted Chin & Assisted Dip
Counter weight system designed to allow everyone, regardless of strength level, to perform chin-ups and dips - two very effective exercises for upper body development.
Full non-skid foot plate of Gym Equipment for stability, Standard and neutral position hand grips for the chinning movement.
Knee pad device folds away for unassisted exercise
Enclosed dual self-aligning linear bearing system
Twist-lock narrow or wide dipping handles
Neutral and wide chin-up bar for muscle isolation
Adjustable width chinning and dipping bars
Multiple handle grip positions
Knee pads provide a safe and comfortable exercise


Cable Crossover

Cable Cross Over

Cable Cross Over

Cable Cross Over

Dip, Abdominal & Pull-Up Unit

Dip, Abdominal & Chining Unit

Know Your Fitness Equipment:

Weight assisted chin-up machine is piece of resistance weight training Exercise Equipment used in health clubs. The beginners who are not strong to perform dip and chin-up exercise they may make use of this machine. Most of the gym and fitness centres will have this Fitness Equipment in their facility. These machine have a counter balanced platform to reduce the weight of user while exercise. Assisted chin-up machine also include a dip bar for assisted dipping. This keeps the exercise a closed-chain movement.

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